Privacy Policy

Protection of personal information is owned and operated by Bear Holding Group, Inc. (BHG). The only personal data collected from our customers is the information provided in connection with the purchase of our products. These are used exclusively for accounting and administrative purposes. All personal information given is considered strictly confidential and is not disclosed to any third party. Only authorized employees from the company below have access to the data.

We have a strict anti-spam policy and therefore emails will only be sent. the site’s obligations and offers from the page which relates to the page and as part of the service that the customer has accepted by using the site. At any given time, all users may disclaim the above and request that all information be deleted.

The customer’s personal data is secured according to approved standards, including through strong SSL encryption, encryption of codes and security via top secured and certified data centers and is shown on the page (https) which indicates the site is secure.

The customer’s payment data is not kept by us but by PAYPAL or SQUARE and is secured through their payment service system which is according to approved standards, PAYPAL and SQUARE are reputable companies with many years of experience in processing and security of customer data.

We use comprehensive security procedures to protect the information being processed, including to prevent unauthorized access to this data. This is done by SSL encryption as well as a computer manager responsible for monitoring everything and ensuring the necessary agreements are in place. If there is a data security breach that can compromise a user’s personal data, we will notify the user within 72 hours of the breach being detected. We have a Data Controller that handles personal data and who is responsible for it being complied with. Use of cookies. BHG Enterprises can use cookies to identify you on the website and thus make access to the site easier for you. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer’s hard drive.

marketing: When you provide information to BHG, you hereby expressly consent to BHG to process this data and use it for the following purposes: Promote the ease of use of the services provided by BHG and, messages and emails as a service or if additional info is needed. However, this part can easily unsubscribe or part of it if you wish, and just contact support.

Changes at and BHG reserve the right to make changes to these terms without notice.